Earning Cash Back Queries

Sign-up for an account is required to earn and claim cashback rewards. However, you can anyway still apply coupons and promotional codes without creating an account.

Simply Sign in to your account on https://www.Items.com and you can receive the amount you have procured in the “My Account” segment. From this section, you can see your approved balance at the top left of the browser. If not, you can also click on the Items.com icon within your browser to see your balance.

Follow the steps below to ensure that you get your Cashback for every valid purchase:

  • Please make sure that in your browser settings, allow cookies and javascript permanently and disable Adblock.
  • Login to Items.com and select the store you want to purchase at. Click on the accompanying link for redirecting to the store.
  • Make sure you do not open any other cashback/coupon website or use coupons from other websites before the purchase. This would result in no cashback in your account.li>

Depending on the store’s policy, exchanged orders may void the cashback. Returned or canceled orders will void the Cashback earned and your pending Cashback balance would be reduced.

Depending upon the store policy, the cashback may vary across several categories. However, there could also be some products for which there is no cashback. Go to the store's page on Items.com’ website via search or the main menu to check the cashback details.

Your pending cashback may be canceled due to any of the following reasons:

  • Your order was either canceled, returned, or exchanged
  • Your order was partially canceled, returned, exchanged, or changed
  • You paid for your order using a gift card, voucher, or cash on delivery

Disable ad-blocking software on your browser before making your online purchase to ensure you receive cashback on your shopping transaction. Follow the below instructions and enjoy your shopping experience with Items.com!

If you have AdBlock installed on your browser, you can disable it during your shopping session. Click on the Adblock extension icon in your browser toolbar. Now, click on "Pause Adblock" to disable Adblock temporarily. Then, reload the Items.com’ page and continue shopping to avail your cashback. You may click on "Unpause Adblock" after your shopping session to restore using Adblock

Yes, pending cashback amounts are temporary and subject to change after confirmation from the online store.

This is because when a purchase is tracked, most online stores do not provide us all the information required to accurately estimate the cashback amount. For example, the cashback may vary based on whether you are an existing or new user at the online store. Also, the platform used for purchase (e.g. desktop) and the category of the product purchased may affect the cashback. Many pieces of this information are made available to Items.com only after the cashback confirmation and so the pending cashback amount is an estimate and subject to change.

In case you believe your cashback was confirmed for an incorrect amount, please visit the contact us page to file a query under "Cashback Confirmed For Incorrect Amount".

All purchases are first marked as "Tentative" before they can be approved. Each merchant has unique rules and exceptions that we must adhere to. Your rewards would be marked "Approved" only when it gets approved by the merchant affiliate program. Please note that this process varies for different merchants and can sometimes take up to 90 days after the purchase.

Withdrawal Queries

We send all cashback payments to your PayPal account PayPal only. At this time, this is the only method of paying out cashback and we do not offer any other ways.

Pending Balance is the cashback amount that has been tracked but received directly. After the store confirms that the purchase was not returned or exchanged, this pending balance would become an available balance. There may be some differences in the amounts of pending and available balance as explained here.

Available Balance is the amount that you can withdraw via Paypal if it is greater than $10

Pending Balance earned from purchases made at online stores typically takes 4-8 weeks before it becomes Available Balance as we have to wait for the store to confirm that the purchase was not returned or exchanged.

Don't worry, your Available Balance at Items.com never expires! You can redeem it any time you want.

At Items.com, you can transfer your Available Balance to your Paypal account once it meets the minimum. Within your account, there is a menu option to Withdraw Money. You must request a withdrawal to receive your cashback.

You can withdraw or redeem a minimum Available Balance of $10

Cashback payments are processed twice a month.

  • Withdrawal requests received from the 1st through the 15th are issued on the first business day on or after the 20th of the month.
  • Withdrawal requests received from the 16th through the end of the month are issued on the first business day on or after the 5th of the following month.

No, not at all! Items.com bear all the costs associated with transferring your Available Balance!

Sorry, we do not allow transferring of balance from one Items.com’ account to another

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