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In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key, and retailers are stepping up their game to meet the evolving needs of consumers. One significant trend that has gained immense popularity in recent times is the option for curbside and in-store pickup. This service provides customers with the flexibility to shop online and pick up their purchases at their convenience, eliminating the need to navigate through crowded aisles or wait in long checkout lines. In this blog, we'll explore the growing trend of curbside and in-store pickup services offered by various stores, highlighting the benefits and convenience they bring to the modern shopper.


Target Online Ordering and In-Store Pickup


Target - Main Entrance of Order Pickup Department


Embark on a more purposeful Target shopping expedition by leveraging the convenience of online ordering and in-store pickup. Resist the allure of the dollar spot as you make your way to customer service. Alternatively, choose the Drive Up option for an even more streamlined experience pull up, and your order will be efficiently loaded into your car. To identify items eligible for order pickup, look for indicators such as "free ship to store" or "free order pickup" when adding products to your cart. You can also peruse a list of pickup-eligible items in any category by selecting "buy online & pick up" from the "shipping & pickup" drop-down menu.

If you opt for in-store pickup, present your proof of purchase at the customer service desk and await a notification indicating that your order is ready for pickup. For those preferring the curbside Drive Up service, utilize the Target app, select Drive Up, and upon receiving the notification of readiness, head to Target, tap "Im here" in the app upon arrival in the Drive Up area, and a Target employee will promptly bring your items directly to your car a complimentary service. And now, enhance your Target pickup experience by including a Starbucks drink in your order! Enjoy easy pickups with Target offers now.


Walmart Same-Day Pickup or Free Shipping


Walmart online order pickup in store sign


Walmart extends the convenience of same-day pickup or free shipping to your nearest Walmart for a myriad of items available online but not necessarily in your local store. Note that pickup options may vary, with some stores exclusively offering curbside pickup and others providing both curbside and in-store pickup choices. From groceries to electronics to clothing, a plethora of items are eligible for Walmart pickup. Navigate your local Walmart's online platform or mobile app, filtering by "Pickup" to identify eligible items.

Upon completion of your order, you'll receive an email notification, prompting you to collect your items from the designated store pickup area (if applicable). For curbside pickup, park in the reserved spot, utilize the link in your email or check in via the Walmart app, and an associate will efficiently load your items into your vehicle. Keep in mind that orders exceeding $35 qualify for complimentary curbside pickup that Walmart offers.


Whole Foods Store Pickup


For a seamless Whole Foods shopping experience, Amazon Prime members can place online orders through the Amazon website or the Whole Foods tab on the Amazon mobile app. Begin by entering your ZIP code, adding desired items to your cart, and selecting "change to pickup" or "change to curbside pickup." Once your order is placed, await confirmation via email. Upon arrival at the store, follow instructions to the reserved parking area, where an associate will promptly deliver your order. Alternatively, choose to pick up your items inside the store. Embrace the convenience of online ordering exclusively available to Amazon Prime members for a streamlined Whole Foods pickup experience.


Sprouts Farmers Market


Sprouts Farmers Market stores provide the convenience of store pickup for orders totaling $10 or more. The first pickup order exceeding $35 is complimentary, while subsequent pickups incur a fee of $1.99 for orders over $35 and $3.99 for orders under $35. Once logged into your account, simply add items to your list, proceed to checkout, and choose your preferred pickup window. Upon receiving a notification that your order is ready, follow the instructions outlined in your pickup notification for a seamless retrieval process.


Apple Online Delivery and Store Pickup


For items available at your local Apple store, the option to order online and pick up in-store is at your fingertips, often within an hour. In some cases, you can schedule a specific time window for your Apple Store pickup to minimize wait times. Apple's complimentary personal setup service ensures you leave with a fully configured and operational product. For curbside orders, park in a designated spot, notify Apple of your arrival, and an associate will bring out your order.

Additionally, Apple offers fast and free delivery on in-stock iPhone products and free two-day delivery on nearly all other items. Expedited options are available for a fee, and select metro regions enjoy the convenience of two-hour delivery for a nominal $9 courier fee, which can be chosen during checkout if applicable.


Best Buy Store Pickup Within an Hour


Best Buy streamlines the process by allowing you to order select products online and pick them up in-store within an hour. Present your ID, credit card, and order number at the Store Pickup desk, where they will hold your items for up to five days. This not only saves on shipping fees but also ensures your newly acquired 50-inch TV isn't left unattended outside your home. If curbside pickup is your preference, simply select "Use Curbside Pickup" during the checkout process on the "Review and Place Order" screen. Your confirmation email will guide you to the designated parking area and provide instructions on how to contact the store. A helpful store employee will then load your items directly into your trunk.




Stores that offer curbside and in-store pickup services are catering to the evolving needs of modern consumers. These services provide a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional shopping methods, offering time savings, reduced contact, and increased flexibility. As more retailers recognize the value of these services, we can expect further innovations in the retail landscape, making shopping a seamless and enjoyable experience for customers across the globe. The future of retail is undoubtedly one where convenience is paramount, and curbside and in-store pickup services are leading the way.


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