Shutterfly Orders: Tips for Securing Free Shipping

The holiday season is here, and if you've been spending hours on the Shutterfly website, you're not alone. Sure, other places make custom photo gifts, but Shutterfly stands out. Their customizable mugs, greeting cards, photo books, and more look stylish and modern nothing like those cheesy photo mugs from back in the day. The only downside? Shutterfly's shipping isn't always free. Since they're an online-only business, there's no in-store pickup option; everything has to be shipped to you. But don't worry; there are a few tricks to avoid those shipping fees. We've got the best tips for you below:


Shutterfly Shipping Duration

Shutterfly offers free shipping on economy deliveries, which usually take 6 to 10 business days. Check your cart for a more precise estimate. They also have faster shipping options for a fee. Here's the rundown:


  1. Super Rush Delivery: 1 to 2 business days (on select products only)
  2. Rush Delivery: 3 to 4 business days
  3. Expedited Delivery: 4 to 5 business days
  4. Standard Delivery: 5 to 7 business days
  5. Economy Delivery: 6 to 10 business days (often free with promos)

Remember that while Shutterfly tries to meet these estimates, delivery dates aren't guaranteed, especially during busy times like the holidays.


Use CVS or Walgreens for Photo Prints

Order some 46 glossy prints and choose the 1-hour pickup option to skip shipping fees by grabbing your photos at your nearest Walgreens or CVS. You'll get an email when your orders are ready. This option doesn't offer Shutterfly discounts or free-print deals, and big orders might take more than an hour to process.


Here's how you can pick up your 46 glossy prints in about an hour at a participating Walgreens or CVS. Add the prints to the shopping cart and click on Proceed to Checkout. Select the 1-hour pick-up available option. Input your zip code or delivery address to find your local Walgreens or CVS. Input your first name, last name, and phone number, then hit Pick Up Here. Select Place Order. Print the order confirmation page. Make sure to bring it with you when picking up your prints. Keep an eye on your email for a notification that your order is ready. Youll get the chance to pay at the store when you pick up the prints.


Link Your Costco Account

Good news for Costco members! Costco has teamed up with Shutterfly, and the benefits are fantastic. You get 51% off all regularly priced Shutterfly orders and free shipping on orders of $49 or more!


Sign Up for the Email List and Text Alerts


 Homepage of Shutterfly website on the display of PC


Don't miss those free shipping codes! Create a Shutterfly account and opt-in for emails to stay in the loop on the latest discounts and offers. New members often get welcome gifts like free prints and address labels. Sign up now and start enjoying these perks! Sign up for Shutterfly texts and snag a 20% discount! This can help with shipping costs; special free shipping codes will be sent to your phone later. Don't miss out on these great deals!


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Enjoy Free Shipping With Coupon Codes

Head over to our Items page to see today's free shipping codes. You can also find promos on the Shutterfly Deals page. Usually, you'll need to enter the code at checkout and meet a minimum cart amount, but offers vary. During the graduation season in May/June, we often see free shipping codes around significant holidays like Christmas, Mother's Day, and Father's Day.


  1. Copy the coupon code.
  2. Add your selected items to the shopping cart.
  3. Select the cart icon at the top right to view your shopping cart.
  4. Paste the coupon code into the Promo Code/Gift Certificates/Gift Cards box. Then, click on apply.
  5. Select Proceed to Checkout to finish. The free shipping offer will be applied to the order.

Most free shipping codes only cover economy shipping (6 to 10 business days). If you need your stuff faster, Shutterfly sometimes offers a free upgrade to expedited shipping (4 to 5 business days). You'll pay for economy shipping but get expedited shipping. To snag this upgrade, you usually need to enter a promo code, which you can find on Shutterfly's promotions page.


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Check Social Media for Special Promotions


Shutterfly Social Media


Shutterfly often promotes special offers on their social media channels, including free shipping. Following Shutterfly on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can keep you in the loop about these deals. How to Stay Updated:


  1. Follow Shutterfly: Make sure you follow their official accounts.
  2. Enable Notifications: Turn on notifications for new posts and updates.
  3. Engage with Content: Sometimes, engaging with posts (likes, shares, comments) can increase your chances of seeing future promotions.


Wait for Free Shipping Days

Shutterfly occasionally designates specific days where they offer free shipping on all orders, regardless of the purchase amount. These free shipping days are often advertised in advance, so watching for announcements can help you take advantage of them. Here's how to plan for free shipping days:


  1. Monitor Announcements: Stay informed through newsletters, social media, and the Shutterfly website.
  2. Prepare Your Cart: Add items to your cart in advance and complete the purchase on the free shipping day.
  3. Set Reminders: Use calendar reminders to ensure you don't miss out on these special days.


Refer Friends and Earn Rewards

Shutterfly's referral program allows you to earn rewards, including discounts that can be applied to shipping costs, by referring friends to the platform. When your friends make their first purchase, you benefit from the referral. Here's how to use the referral program:


  1. Share Your Referral Link: Invite friends to join Shutterfly using your unique referral link.
  2. Earn Rewards: Receive rewards when your friends make their first purchase.
  3. Redeem Rewards: Apply your rewards to cover shipping costs or get discounts on future orders.



Securing free shipping on your Shutterfly orders is possible and relatively straightforward if you know where to look and how to take advantage of available opportunities.  These strategies ensure that you can enjoy Shutterfly's high-quality, personalized products without the added burden of shipping fees. With some planning and resourcefulness, you can maximize your Shutterfly shopping experience while keeping your budget in check. So, the next time you're ready to order custom photo gifts, prints, or any other items from Shutterfly, remember these tips to secure free shipping and maximize your savings. Happy shopping!


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