Getting The Best Deals At Bluemercury: Shopper's Secrets

Notions of beauty exhibit as much diversity as individuals' daily beauty routines. Some may favor a meticulously polished look, investing hours in its achievement. Others may prefer a natural, radiant appearance, suggesting innate luminosity and flawless features. Perhaps your preference lies somewhere in between. Irrespective of where you fall on this spectrum, Bluemercury offers beauty products designed to "uplift, empower, and excite." While exploring Bluemercury's offerings, you might assume that luxury makeup, fragrances, skincare, and hair products are beyond your budget. However, this assumption is unfounded, as you can discover savings that mirror your own beauty. To guide you in attaining luxury beauty products at a reduced cost, we'll outline how you can save with Bluemercury every time you shop.


Enroll in Bluemercury Emails for Beauty Insights and Offers

Prior to making your inaugural purchase at this upscale beauty brand, consider signing up for Bluemercury emails. Simply scroll to the bottom of the retailer's website and submit your email address to initiate the process. Upon enrollment, you'll receive beauty insights and tips directly to your inbox. Yet, there's more to gain. Bluemercury emails frequently feature promo codes that can lower your checkout total, facilitating savings. Moreover, as a new subscriber, you'll promptly receive a special promo code, allowing you to commence saving from the outset.


Utilize Promo Codes to Reduce Your Total and Save at Bluemercury


Bluemercury Promo Code


Now that you're aware you can acquire Bluemercury promo codes as an email subscriber, you might be curious about other avenues for obtaining coupons and codes from this retailer. The answer is affirmative! The prime location to seek the latest Bluemercury coupons and promotions is Items. Our team of bargain hunters diligently maintains an updated roster of all available promos from this luxury beauty brand, encompassing ongoing cashback offers. Additionally, you can also locate Bluemercury promo codes directly on the retailers social media platforms and website. Employing a promo code to economize at Bluemercury is as straightforward:

  1. Accumulate all the exquisite items you wish to purchase in your online cart.
  2. Proceed to checkout by selecting the corresponding button located in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  3. Input your promo code into the designated Gift Card/Promo Code field and click on the Apply button.

Just like that, Bluemercury savings become yours to enjoy.


Enroll in BlueRewards for Exclusive Benefits and Points Accumulation with Every Purchase

Before embarking on your shopping journey with Bluemercury, it's imperative to take a moment to register for a complimentary BlueRewards account. Signing up is a breeze; you simply create a Bluemercury account by furnishing your name and email address and ticking the box adjacent to "Join BlueRewards." Once completed, you're officially onboard! So, what exactly does BlueRewards entail? It signifies the opportunity to earn $10 for every $250 expended at Bluemercury, alongside access to special privileges. The perks you receive hinge upon whether you hold Silver, Sapphire, or Platinum membership status within BlueRewards.


Silver membership is attainable upon spending between $0 to $299. Alongside earning rewards with each purchase, you'll also receive a complimentary birthday gift and in-store birthday treatment. Furthermore, expect surprises, complimentary shipping with no minimum threshold, and complimentary two-day shipping on orders surpassing $150. Sapphire membership is unlocked with a minimum spend of $300. It encompasses all the benefits of Silver membership while elevating your birthday gift and in-store birthday treatment to premium status. Additionally, you'll gain access to exclusive event invitations. Achieving a Platinum membership necessitates an expenditure of $1,000 or more. In addition to Sapphire member benefits, this tier grants you a complimentary annual gift, a deluxe birthday gift, and deluxe in-store birthday treatment.


Across all membership tiers, you can earn $10 for every $250 spent, with rewards issued in the form of Beauty Cards every January, April, July, and October. Remember to utilize your Beauty Card within the respective calendar month of receipt to avoid forfeiting your rewards.

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Unlock Savings of Up to 50% When You Explore the Sale Section.


Sale 50 %

If you've overlooked the Bluemercury sale section, you've been overlooking significant savings. At any given moment, you'll discover a plethora of luxury beauty products marked down by up to 50%. Items in this section are either discounted or classified as "last chance" offerings. Even if perusing sale sections isn't your typical shopping habit, Bluemercury warrants an exception. We've witnessed the retailer slash prices on renowned brands such as:

  • Clinique
  • Ellis Brooklyn
  • Kiehls
  • La Mer
  • Laura Mercier
  • Nest
  • Tom Ford

Securing these and other esteemed beauty brands at half the price presents a considerable opportunity, and you wouldn't want to miss out on maximizing your savings.


Indulge in Complimentary Gifts with Select Brand Purchases at Bluemercury

What surpasses saving money? Acquiring items for free, naturally! When you indulge in Bluemercury's offerings, you're eligible to receive complimentary gifts with qualifying brand purchases. To partake in this enticing money-saving opportunity, peruse the retailer's website. Bluemercury consistently updates its list of ongoing free gifts with purchase promotions. Examples of promotions we've encountered include receiving a free 0.3-ounce Moroccanoil Treatment with any Moroccanoil purchase exceeding $50 and a complimentary NARS three-piece set with a cosmetic bag with any NARS purchase totaling $100 or more. Enjoying a free gift alongside your purchase stands as one of the most enjoyable ways to economize at Bluemercury, so seize the opportunity to capitalize on it (along with all these other tips) whenever feasible.

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Navigating the world of beauty products at Bluemercury can be both exhilarating and rewarding, especially when armed with savvy shopping strategies. From exploring their enticing sale section offering luxurious brands at up to 50% off to leveraging BlueRewards membership perks for exclusive benefits and points accumulation, there are numerous avenues to unlock significant savings.


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