Bacon Bonanza: Unbelievable National Bacon Day Discounts

Designated on December 30 each year, National Bacon Day has been an annual tradition since its inception in 1997 by Danya "D" Goodman and Meff "Human Cannonball." This day, falling on a Saturday in 2023, was established to unite people through their shared love for this delectable food.


Great Deals on Bacon


Wendys: Receive a complimentary bacon burger on this day. In 2022, Wendys marked the day by offering Wendys Rewards members a free Junior Bacon Cheeseburger (priced at $3.39) with any purchase. Additionally, they extended the food holiday to Dec. 31 with a promotion for a free Breakfast Baconator (regularly $4.99) with any purchase on the Wendys app. The most affordable items to qualify for the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger were the Junior Frosty ($0.89), and for the Breakfast Baconator, a small coffee ($0.99).


McDonalds: Utilize the McDonalds Rewards app to secure a complimentary Bacon, Egg & Cheese. Redeem 6,000 points through your McDonalds Rewards account, and you'll always have a free Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit (priced at $4.69). McDonalds frequently offers specials and coupons, and we're well-versed in the most effective ways to enjoy economical (and complimentary) fare from McDonalds.


Sonic Drive-In: Indulge in bacon breakfast burritos for under $2 as part of their value meal. Sonic Drive-In presents a bacon breakfast burrito for approximately $1.50, available on their "Everyday Deals" menu. Enjoy budget-friendly Sonic Drive-In slushes consistently.


Some Note-Worthy Things About This Famous Delight


Fried crunchy Streaky Bacon pieces in a black plate


Charity: In the spirit of giving, consider tying the day to a charitable cause. Organize a themed fundraiser or donate a portion of your celebration budget to a local food bank. Bacon-themed events can bring communities together while making a positive impact on those in need.


DIY Creations: Get hands-on in the kitchen and embark on a DIY adventure. Make your own bacon at home, experimenting with different flavors and curing techniques. Not only does this add a personal touch to your National Bacon Day celebration, but it also deepens your appreciation for the craft of bacon making.


Wellness: While the food item is undeniably indulgent, it's possible to incorporate it into a balanced and mindful approach to eating. Explore leaner options or experiment with plant-based alternatives for those looking to enjoy the essence without the meat. This allows everyone to partake in the celebration, regardless of dietary preferences.


Pop Culture: Dive into the world of pop culture by binge-watching movies, TV shows, or documentaries that feature the food item prominently. From iconic breakfast scenes to culinary competitions that celebrate the art of the item, there's plenty of entertainment to complement your National Bacon Day festivities.


Craft Beer Pairings: If you're a fan of craft beer, this day presents an excellent opportunity to explore beer and bacon pairings. The smoky notes of certain beers complement the savory goodness, creating a harmonious taste experience. Host a tasting event with friends or visit a local brewery that embraces the craze.


Art and Dcor: Infuse your surroundings with the spirit of this day by incorporating inspired art and dcor. From bacon-themed tablecloths to bacon-scented candles, the options are limitless. This not only adds a festive touch to your celebration but also serves as a reminder of the joy that the food item brings.


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Bacon as a Cultural Phenomenon


Reflect on the cultural impact of the food item beyond its culinary role. From internet memes to festivals and themed merchandise, it has become a cultural phenomenon. Dive into the world of media, events, and trends that showcase its enduring popularity and influence on contemporary culture. Recognize it as a culinary ambassador that transcends borders. Explore international bacon-inspired dishes and acknowledge how it has found its way into the hearts of people around the world. Celebrate the global appeal of the delight by incorporating diverse flavors and culinary traditions into your feast.


Celebrate the day by pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation. Experiment with unconventional pairings, explore molecular gastronomy techniques with it, or create your own signature dish. This day is an opportunity to celebrate not just the tradition of the food item but also its potential for culinary creativity. Spread the joy of bacon by engaging in elated acts of kindness. Share a plate of the relish with a neighbor, surprise a colleague with a treat, or donate it to a local charity. Use this celebration as a reminder of the simple pleasures that can bring happiness to others.


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National Bacon Day is more than just a day to consume this food item; it's an invitation to explore, create, and appreciate the multifaceted world of this beloved cured meat. Whether you choose to indulge in classic bacon dishes, experiment with new recipes, or engage in themed activities, the celebration is about embracing the joy and camaraderie that it brings to the table. As we wrap up our exploration of this day, let's savor the memories created, the flavors experienced, and the shared moments with fellow enthusiasts.


This annual occasion serves as a reminder that sometimes, in the midst of our busy lives, we need to take a moment to relish the simple pleasures that bring us together and what better way to do that than with the sizzle and aroma of bacon permeating the air? So, on December 30th, join the sizzling celebration, raise a toast to the crispy delight that is bacon, and revel in the shared love for this culinary icon. Happy National Bacon Day may it be a day filled with joy, flavor, and, of course, lots of bacon!


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