Seamless Bonobos Shopping: Mastering Your Wardrobe Building

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If you've recently stepped into a Bonobos store, you may want to simply pick something off the shelf. Bonobos, a menswear company with a mission to assist men in finding the most well-fitting attire for any occasion, distinguishes itself in this regard. Rather than choosing from standard sizes available off the rack, you need to consider additional measurements such as fit and length before adding a shirt or pair of pants to your shopping cart. While Bonobos initially operated solely online, it has expanded to open physical stores where you can explore various looks and receive personalized fittings. If you're curious about trying Bonobos but uncertain about how it operates, we have all the answers to your questions regarding both online and in-person shopping at this unique retailer, ensuring that your initial Bonobos shopping experience is a success.

Offerings by Bonobons

Bonobos, recognizing the challenge of finding perfectly fitting clothes, provides a range of styles to accommodate diverse body types. The brand acknowledges that every man's physique is unique, offering five pant styles, including athletic, skinny, slim, straight, and tailored. Moreover, Bonobos offers various sizes, giving options from petite to plus, with pant waist sizes ranging from 28 to 54. However, pants are not the sole wardrobe essentials available at Bonobos. The apparel brand offers a comprehensive range of items, including shirts, suits, sweaters, swimwear, and accessories such as belts, socks, and ties. If the prospect of assembling your ideal look feels overwhelming, Bonobos has a team of style experts who are well-trained in the art of fashion. With their assistance, you can curate a wardrobe that not only looks fantastic but also makes you feel amazing.

Online Shopping at Bonobos

Bonobos strives to simplify the online shopping experience for menswear. If you're already familiar with your sizes and style preferences, you can shop and place orders online as you would on any other website. However, if you require assistance in finding the right fit and style, Bonobos offers support through various means:

  • On-Demand Style Advice: While shopping online, you can engage in a chat with a Guide from Bonobos. They can assist you with questions about outfit choices for specific events or provide guidance on how to measure yourself for clothing.
  • Fit Profile: Completing your Fit Profile with Bonobos allows you to track the styles and sizes that suit you best for various occasions.
  • Free Returns and Exchanges: Bonobos not only provides free shipping but also offers free returns and exchanges on all U.S. orders. With a generous 90-day return period, you have ample time to determine if a piece is the right fit.

Even with these useful tools, online shopping may not appeal to everyone. That's why Bonobos has established physical locations, known as "Guideshops," across the United States.

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Purchasing Items Directly Off the Rack at Bonobos

No, the clothing displayed on racks at Bonobos is intended solely for presentation purposes. Some even refer to Bonobos Guideshops as stores where you can't buy anything. While this concept may initially seem unconventional, it aligns with Bonobos' original design as an online-focused brand. However, recognizing that some customers prefer trying on clothes before buying or having a professional measure them for fit, Bonobos developed Guideshops to fulfill these needs.

Test Out Clothing at Bonobos

Bonobos store at a shopping mall in Newport Beach, CA, USA

Certainly, at Bonobos Guideshops, you have the opportunity to try on clothes, and this is the primary reason for their existence. When you visit a Bonobos store in person, a Bonobos Guide will offer a personalized experience to assist you in discovering your ideal fit and style. The knowledgeable and stylish Guides will tailor their attention to your preferences during your Bonobos visit, aiming to make your experience enjoyable and successful. As you become more acquainted with your perfect fit, you'll gain the confidence to shop Bonobos online without additional assistance and enjoy cashbacks on apparel and accessories.

Purchase Clothes From a Bonobos Guideshop

Upon completing your clothing trial at Bonobos, you might be curious about how to acquire your favorites. Despite Guideshops being labeled as "stores where you can't buy anything" on the spot, you can still order items with ease at a Bonobos Guideshop by following a few simple steps:

  1. Inform your Guide about the sizes and styles you adore.
  2. Let your Guide process your order.
  3. Await the delivery of your chosen items to your doorstep.

Buying clothes from a Bonobos Guideshop is akin to an online shopping experience, but with the added benefit of working with a stylish Guide in person and the opportunity to try on various items before making a purchase.

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Appointment for Bonobos

While you can schedule an appointment at a nearby Guideshop, it is not obligatory. Bonobos welcomes walk-ins. However, if you plan to visit Bonobos in person during busy periods, such as weekends, making an appointment is advisable. This ensures you have a designated time to try on your chosen clothes. Now that you have a grasp of the fundamentals of shopping at Bonobos, whether online or in person, visit the website or a Guideshop location to discover your perfect fit.

How to Cut Costs at Bonobos

Bonobos apparel might be a bit expensive than items found at discount stores, but there are numerous ways to save, such as:

  1. Enjoy a 15% discount on your initial purchase by simply subscribing to Bonobos emails.
  2. Receive a 20% to 25% discount if you are a student, teacher, first responder, or a military member.
  3. Obtain cash back through Rebates by using the latest cashback offer, earning a percentage back based on your expenditure.


Navigating the world of Bonobos shopping is an effortlessly seamless experience when armed with the right insights. From the convenience of online browsing to the personalized assistance provided by knowledgeable Guides in physical Guideshops, Bonobos ensures a tailored approach to finding the perfect fit and style. The brand's commitment to accommodating diverse sizes and styles, coupled with on-demand style advice and the convenience of a Fit Profile, empowers shoppers to make informed choices. While Guideshops may not facilitate on-the-spot purchases, the straightforward ordering process allows customers to enjoy the benefits of in-person guidance while effortlessly obtaining their favorite selections. Ultimately, the Bonobos shopping journey is a harmonious blend of online convenience and personalized in-store expertise, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for every shopper.


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