Flower Gift Guide: Meaning Behind Different Flowers

Buying flowers is a great move, especially for that special lady in your life. But easy? Not so much. There are tons of flowers, colors, and arrangements to choose from, so it can be overwhelming. And if you're buying more than one bouquet – like one for your wife and another for your daughter, mom, or sister – it gets even trickier. You could ask her favorite flower, but that ruins the surprise. Or you could just pick one yourself. Either way, most people will love the gesture. But if you want to really impress, here’s a guide to picking the perfect bouquet for your wife, girlfriend, relatives, friends, and colleagues.


Choosing the Best Flower Gift


Choosing the Best Flower Gift

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Picking the right flower depends on the occasion, your relationship, their preferences, and the right Florists deals. Ask yourself these questions to narrow down your options:


Do they have any pets?

Some flowers are toxic to pets, so double-check what you’re sending. Traditional lilies can be dangerous for cats, but alstroemeria is safe. Or go for a pop-up flower bouquet – they last longer and are pet-friendly.


What do they prefer?

Getting something you love is always better. So, even though we’re talking about flower meanings, if they have a favorite flower or color, go with that!


What's your present relationship status?

Flowers can say a lot – passion, longing, friendship, gratitude. Knowing flower meanings helps you pick the right bouquet.


  • Passionate about someone? Red roses are your go-to.
  • Secret crush? Orange roses for desire, carnations for romance, and pink roses for a softer touch.
  • Dear friend? Yellow roses, daisies, pink peonies, or sunflowers show adoration, gratitude, and happiness.

Buying Flowers for Various Purposes


 Flowers for Various Purposes


Any female relatives

For Mom, pink carnations are perfect for Valentine's or just to show you care – they symbolize maternal love. Pink roses also express gratitude and admiration. White accents make these even prettier. Grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters will all appreciate the beauty of fresh flowers. Once you get the hang of it, buying flowers isn’t hard and will definitely brighten their day!


Female colleague or friend

Yellow flowers, like roses or tulips, reflect warmth and fun. Sunflowers are also a great pick-me-up. Daisies and freesia are perfect for friendship and innocence. Sign the card with something specific like "Thanks for your help on the project" or "You're a terrific friend."


First date

A simple bouquet with a note saying "I'm really glad I met you" or "I can’t wait to see you tonight" is a sweet touch.


Not a couple, but you like her

Purple roses and lilacs symbolize love at first sight. For a first date or a more subtle hint, go for a mixed rose bouquet with some red and orange roses. Or go unconventional with tropical flowers or an orchid plant – she’ll know she’s special.


Long-term relationship

Red roses scream passion. If you want to mix it up, try orange roses or red tulips. Mix in other flowers for added meaning – asters for love, pink alstroemeria for devotion, pink stargazer lilies for prosperity, and peonies for romance and good luck.


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Birth Flower Meanings

Each month has its own special flower with unique meanings that can add a personal touch to birthday celebrations. Just like birthstones, birth flowers have been around for ages. Some think the idea started in Ancient Rome, where giving flowers was a big deal for birthdays. People love finding meaning in flowers, and knowing someone's birth flower can make any gift extra special. So, let's dive into the meanings behind each month's flower!


January is for Carnation

Carnations, often called the "flower of the gods," have been used in art, decor, perfumes, and even medicine. They symbolize fascination, distinction, and love. Pale red means admiration, while dark red is all about passionate, unforgettable love.


February is for Violet

Violets, also known as violas, were used by the ancient Greeks in love potions and remedies. They symbolize loyalty and dependability. Today, they represent faithfulness, modesty, and everlasting love.


March is for Daffodil

Daffodils are the first to bloom in spring, making them perfect for March birthdays. They stand for rebirth, new beginnings, inspiration, and creativity. In China, a New Year's daffodil brings good fortune, and in Wales, seeing the first daffodil of the year means wealth.


April is for Daisy

Daisies represent innocence, purity, and true love. They come in different colors, each with its own meaning: white for purity, yellow for joy and friendship, pink for affection, and red for romantic love.


May is for Lily of the Valley

Lily-of-the-valley, despite its name, isn't a lily but part of the asparagus family. It symbolizes sweetness and purity. According to legend, it only blooms in May when the nightingale sings. This flower is a reminder of happiness and brighter days.


June is for Rose

Roses are globally recognized symbols of love and beauty. Different colors have different meanings: red for "I love you," pink for happiness and admiration, and white for innocence and purity. A mixed rose bouquet is perfect for June birthdays.


July is for Larkspur

Larkspurs, with their purple-blue blooms, symbolize positivity, loving bonds, and dedication. They come in various colors: blue for dignity and grace, pink for fickleness, white for joy, and purple for first love. Just a heads up, they're toxic if ingested.


August is for Gladiolus

Gladiolus flowers, part of the iris family, represent strength, love, and remembrance. They come in many colors and are great for August birthdays.


September is for Aster

Asters, star-shaped flowers, bring color to late summer and early fall. Different colors mean different things: purple for royalty and wisdom, white for innocence, red for passion, and pink for love and kindness.


October is for Marigold

Marigolds, known for their bright colors, are often linked to death and the afterlife. But they also symbolize prosperity, cheer, love, and optimism. They make a thoughtful gift for October birthdays.


November is for Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums, or 'mums,' come in many colors and are classic fall flowers. Originating in China, they’ve been used in salads, teas, and remedies. They're perfect for November birthdays.


December is for Narcissus

The paperwhite Narcissus, associated with December, stands for purity, respect, faithfulness, and unconditional love. In Victorian times, it meant "you are the only one." A bouquet of these white beauties is a lovely way to show pure and unconditional love.


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Flower Colors and What They Mean

Flowers can speak volumes with their colors. Whether you see them in a distant meadow or in your garden, their color often catches your eye first. Many people love planting flowers in their favorite colors to enjoy and share with others. Picking colors based on their meaning is a big part of flower communication. Here’s a quick rundown of what different flower colors usually signify:


  • Orange: They show excitement and enthusiasm. Some popular ones are zinnias, marigolds, Gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, and Asiatic lilies.
  • Green: These are linked with rebirth, good fortune, renewal, or youthfulness. Think hydrangeas, carnations, gladiolus, zinnias, and orchids.
  • Lavender: Represent grace, elegance, and youth. Daisies, orchids, lilacs, jacaranda flowers, and petunias are great examples.
  • Purple: They symbolize royalty, admiration, and tradition. Look for irises, bellflowers, and clematis.
  • Blue: Rare and bring peace and tranquility. Favorites include hydrangeas, morning glories, and cornflowers.
  • Yellow: Like a burst of sunshine, they represent happiness, joy, and friendship. Sunflowers, yellow roses, lilies, and daffodils are super cheerful.
  • Pink: Stand for love, happiness, and femininity. Roses, lilies, peonies, carnations, tulips, and azaleas are some top picks.
  • White: Symbolize purity and innocence. Roses, carnations, and daisies are common choices, especially for weddings or memorials.
  • Red: Often linked with true love, romance, and passion. Roses, tulips, alstroemeria, geraniums, and poppies fit the bill.


Flower Types and Their Meanings

Different flowers also carry unique meanings. Here are some popular flowers and what they represent:


  • Daffodils Flowers: Symbolize new beginnings, rebirth, and spring. They can also mean self-love or admiration.
  • Lavender Flowers: Stands for devotion, grace, calmness, and higher purpose.
  • Peonies Flowers: Represent goodwill, joy, wealth, honor, and fortune.
  • Lilies Flowers: Symbolize femininity, fertility, purity, innocence, and rebirth.
  • Lotus Flowers: Stand for purity, rebirth, and overcoming adversity.
  • Hibiscus Flowers: Symbolize delicate beauty, hospitality, friendship, and passionate love.
  • Pansies Flowers: Mean love and remembrance.
  • Orchids Flowers: Represent appreciation, respect, unity, and fertility.
  • Sunflowers Flowers: Symbolize love, loyalty, admiration, and cheerfulness.
  • Black-Eyed Susans Flowers: Stand for encouragement, motivation, endurance, and protection.
  • Carnations Flowers: Their meanings vary by color—purple for capriciousness, pink for gratitude, white for good luck.
  • Daisies Flowers: Represent beauty, innocence, and new beginnings.
  • Tulips Flowers: Meanings depend on color—red for true love, yellow for cheerfulness, white for forgiveness.
  • Roses Flowers: They convey passion, admiration, and love, with specific colors adding extra meaning.



Flowers make great gifts for friends and loved ones. Knowing the meanings behind different types and colors of flowers can make your gift even more special. We hope that this guide helps you with choosing the best flowers. So, next time you pick out flowers, think about what message you want to send!


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