Discover the Ultimate Guide to Vans Family Membership Perks

It's challenging to recall a time when Vans lacked coolness, or to envision a future where they aren't revered. Ever since Sean Penn's portrayal of a California surfer sporting Vans in the 1982 film "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," the brand has garnered a devoted following comprising skaters, snowboarders, trendsetting individuals, and footwear enthusiasts alike. Today, these iconic canvas shoes grace the feet of celebrities such as Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, and Justin Bieber.


While maintaining its classic essence, Vans has continuously evolved its style since its establishment in 1966. Throughout the years, the brand has engaged in an impressive array of collaborations with artists, brands, and creatorsranging from The Beatles to Star Wars to Peanuts to Stranger Things. Additionally, Vans offers "Customs," allowing shoppers to personalize their shoes, backpacks, and clothing with various images, patterns, materials, and embroidery. Naturally, high-profile collaborations and customized designs often come at a price. However, becoming a member of the "Vans Family" loyalty program can offer more value for your money, as detailed below.


Benefits of Vans Family Membership

Vans Family Membership

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Launched in 2018, Vans Family represents the brand's interactive and intuitive customer loyalty initiative. It aims to reward Vans patrons with points, insider perks, exclusive access to experiences, sneak peeks, and moreall at absolutely no cost to join.


  • Enjoy complimentary shipping on all purchases.
  • Earn 10 points for every $1 spent on Vans merchandise at Vans stores or the website.
  • Receive bonus points for engaging activities such as answering questions, confirming your email, opting for text notifications, and interacting within the Vans Family community.
  • Redeem accumulated points for exclusive merchandise, subscriptions, and product giveaways.
  • Gain access to special promotions, unique products, and exclusive experiences.
  • Gain early access to new product releases.
  • Receive exclusive updates on upcoming collaborations.
  • Receive a special birthday surprise.


How to Become a Vans Family Member

To enroll in the Vans Family loyalty program, simply complete the online registration process. Provide basic details such as your name, email address, and birthday. Additionally, create a password and designate a phone number to serve as your Vans Family ID for in-store purchases. During registration, you'll have the option to join the Vans email list to receive the latest news, event invitations, and exclusive offers. If you prefer not to subscribe, remember to deselect this option.


Navigating the Vans Family Dashboard

The Vans Family Dashboard serves as your central hub for managing your membership. Accessible upon registration or each time you log in, simply click on "View Your Vans Family Dashboard." Within the dashboard, you can:


  • Monitor your available points balance.
  • Review your total points earned.
  • Track your order history.
  • Explore current opportunities to earn points.
  • Discover available rewards.
  • Rectify past or missed purchase credits.


How to Accumulate Vans Family Points

Vans Family Sent A Nice Surprise

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Upon initial registration, you will immediately receive 50 points each for providing your first and last names, phone numbers, ZIP codes, and birthdates. This grants you an instant 250 points without any additional actions, effectively placing you halfway towards your first reward. Furthermore, points can be earned through various methods such as making purchases at Vans stores or online, participating in contests for a chance to win free Vans shoes, and acquiring up to 300 points by sharing additional personal details with Vans. For every dollar spent on Vans merchandise, you earn 10 points. It's important to note that points are exclusively awarded for purchases made directly through Vans and not via third-party retailers.

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Expiration of Vans Family Points

Yes, Vans Family points have a one-year validity period (reduced from 24 months) from the date of acquisition.


Accrual of Points for Previous Purchases

Indeed. Upon initial enrollment, you can earn points for any Vans merchandise bought within the last 30 days. Similarly, points can be earned for a purchase even if you forget to log into your account or inform the cashier of your Vans Family membership status.


Procedure for Claiming Points for Past Purchases

To receive credit for previous purchases, log in to your Vans account and proceed to your dashboard. Access the "History" section and input the necessary details from your receipt. Upon processing your information, the points will reflect in your dashboard. It's important to note that this option must be utilized within four days of the purchase date. Alternatively, if more than four days have elapsed, you can reach out to customer service. A representative will verify your Vans Family membership and purchase details before awarding you the points.


Redeeming Vans Family Rewards

Once you've amassed a sufficient number of points (200+), you can review the latest rewards available on the Vans Family Dashboard. Simply click on "Redeem Points" to explore the available rewards. Each reward can be redeemed up to twice.


The Vans Family App

Now available and fully operational, the Vans Family app can be easily obtained for your device by scanning the provided QR code. With this app, you can conveniently access your account, monitor points, redeem rewards, and enjoy exclusive features akin to shopping on your laptop.

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Additional Ways to Save at Vans

While the Vans Family App presents an excellent opportunity to maximize your savings at Vans, there are alternative strategies to consider. Below are some proven methods for acquiring stylish Vans footwear at discounted rates:


  • Subscribe to the Vans E-Newsletter: Register for the Vans email list to receive special offers and product updates directly to your inbox.
  • Shop Vans Sale Items: Explore the Vans sale section, where you'll discover shoes, apparel, and more offered at significant discounts.
  • Enjoy Free Standard Shipping: Vans Family members benefit from complimentary standard shipping (five to seven business days) on all orders. Non-members can qualify for free shipping by spending $80 or more or utilizing Same-Day Pickup at a nearby Vans location.
  • Utilize the Vans Military Discount: Validate your military status through SheerID to receive a 10% discount on your Vans purchases.
  • Opt for Interest-Free Installments: Vans has partnered with Klarna, allowing you to divide your purchases into four interest-free installments over four weeks. To take advantage of this option, simply select the Klarna payment method during checkout.



The Vans Family membership offers an array of enticing perks and benefits that elevate the shopping experience for fans of the iconic brand. From earning points on purchases and accessing exclusive rewards to enjoying free shipping and early access to new releases, being a part of the Vans Family opens up a world of opportunities for loyal customers. Moreover, with the introduction of the Vans Family app and various strategies to save, such as subscribing to newsletters and shopping sale items, members can maximize their savings and stay ahead of the curve in the world of footwear fashion.


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