Manda Dress by Tory Burch

Manda Dress by Tory Burch is quite stylish and it is worn by a number of women including models. The dress is essentially hand painted into a modern type print. In addition, the dress is made from fine silk and it resembles a shirtless silhouette. 

Manda Dress by Tory Burch has a pleated front with a distinct shirttail type hem. In addition, this style dress comes with a crew neck, 16 buttons down the center and it is a relaxed fitted dress. The neckline of this style dress has been called a cowl neckline. The ultra fine fabric is smooth to the touch and beautiful to the eye. 

Tory Burch designed this dress specifically for evening attire. The dress is perfect for an evening out and for other special elegant occasions. This style dress is certainly not something you would wear every day. Manda Dress by Tory Burch should be reserved for very special occasions. In addition, the dress should be handled with great care when not being used. 

Tory Burch gives great attention to exceptional detail as well as craftsmanship. The ultra soft fabric is the result of combining rich satin with chiffon. The Manda Dress is priced at around $290.00. In some cases, alterations may be necessary therefore the final cost of the dress may be a bit higher depending upon what alterations need to be done. Either way the end result is beauty and elegance. 

Tory Burch fine clothing which includes the entire dress collection is sold at fine stores. Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and other high end retails do carry the Tory Burch collection of dresses. The Silk Maxine as well as Gemma style dress is also currently top selling dresses.

The Tulip Print Silk Dress is another top selling dress from the Tory Burch collection. This particular style dress gained considerable notoriety in 2014. Keep in mind, the Tory Burch collection does not come cheap. You can expect to pay anywhere from $250-$750 when choosing a dress from the limited Tory Burch collection. 

Finally, Tory Burch Manda Dress is presently one of the most popular and beautiful dresses from the Burch collection. If you like fine quality clothing with a unique flair and design then you will certainly find something within the Tory Burch collection. 


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