Review of New Line of Lacoste Shirts For Men

Lacoste Shirts for men come in a variety of styles and colors. There is a new line of Lacoste shirts for men that are quite stylish and they are available in a variety of colors and sizes. 

The Short Sleeve Classic Pique Polo has gained considerable notoriety this year. The Classic Pique Polo may be worn with other casual wear such as trousers. In addition, this particular Polo shirt is available in 49 classic colors. Classic colors available include green, pink, black, brown, white and much more. The Short Sleeve Classic Pique Polo is reasonably priced at around $61.00. This style shirt may be purchased at a number of retailers or online. 

Another new and quite popular shirt is the Prime Jersey Short Sleeve V-Neck. The Prime Jersey Short Sleeve V-Neck is perfect for the warm days of summer. This style shirt is available in 18 attractive colors including yellow, pink and royal blue. The Prime Jersey V-Neck may be purchased at various retailers for around $35.00. Larger size shirts including XXL may be priced a bit higher. 

The Long Sleeve Prima Jersey Crewneck is another new and very stylish pull over shirt that many young men are now wearing. This style shirt has a casual appeal and is available in 9 striking colors. The Long Sleeve Prima Jersey Crewneck is available in black, royal blue, white, green and many more. In addition, expect to pay between $40-$50 for the Prima Jersey Crewneck. Many online retailers are offering shirts of this style which can be easily purchased through the Internet. 

Garbardine Chino 32 Classic Long Sleeve Shirt is another top selling shirt in 2014. The Garbardine Chino 32 is stylish and it is available in 8 attractive colors. It appears that red, pink and white are popular colors when it comes to the Garbardine Chino 32. This style shirt is perfect for cooler weather due to the fact that is it long sleeve. You can expect to pay around $55.00 for the Garbardine Chino 32. 

The Vintage Washed Short Sleeve Polo with woven trim is a Polo shirt that goes with just about anything. The woven trim design gives the Polo real design, style and class. This shirt is available in 7 colors including aqua, black, white and faded purple. In addition, the Polo comes in larger sizes such as XXL and XXXL. The Vintage Washed Short Sleeve Polo is priced between $76.00-$110.00. 

Lacoste shirts for men still remain one of the most popular style shirt worn by men of all ages. These stylish shirts can be found at almost any department store or retailer. 
Image by Phil Roeder


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